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Tuesday, December 16th I will have a reading at CafĂ© Lassa, afterwards we’ll open the stage. A piano, a microphone and a guitar are waiting for your songs, stories, Wham-cover. Join us! :)

The wonderful Simon Schwarzmann from the wonderful Mecchayos already announced that he’ll perform one of his new songs. And if that isn’t enough to look forward to, I’ll bring my last batch of the “Projektionen” zine, which make a great Christmas present for people who can read German. Because, they’re written in German.

Oh by the way, since I’ve been writing mostly in English, this event will be a sort of guineapiggy first: me doing a reading in not-German. Bring eggs and tomatoes!

So, to reiterate: Reading, afterwards Open Stage, featuring at the very LEAST (and fuck that’s an awesome minimum) Simon playing wonderful music.

[Simone even made a beautiful invitation image, pictured above.]