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A short stroll outside

An urge to take a walk outside, obviously emanated from the perceptive overindulgence of almost two weeks of seclusion at home, some of which spent with valuable input in the form of books and stews, most of which with fast food and reruns, brought me to spend a part of the sparingly scattered sunny moments of the day outside. It’s easy to forget how liberating a breath of cool yet not freezing winter air can be. Some remnants of New Year’s Eve still scattered on the streets, people in gray walking their dogs, something akin to soreness in the back of my throat, everything seems a bit brighter once the sky sheds its veil to promise a glimpse of what the atmosphere might look like.

Usually I take the bike almost anywhere I go, but today I didn’t need to be anyplace, I had all the world to wander right at my toes. I wish I could say I made the most of it, but at least I went to the park; I had promised L to bring her some cough drops to work. Responsibilities! It fascinates me how L draws on any piece of paper she can grasp, and illustrates a conversation while it is happening. A doodle here, some random syllables there, words are put to paper just as they are uttered. She creates while her mind perceives, where I have to sit down hours later to think what actually happened today before I can make sense of anything.