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Django moans under the heat wave that gripped Vienna. It is good to have a dog on the couch that appreciates you taking a break from working on the laptop. Especially since it’s time to get back to work: there’s only so much one jet-lag can excuse, after all. I started editing on the European version of Candela. Mainly this means fiddling to make the text fit an A4 page rather than Letter. This is only slightly cumbersome, especially since it means I will be able to mass print (fingers crossed!) on the university copying machine, as I did with “Projektionen”. I hope I can find nice paper for the cover that's similar to what I found in Seattle. If you scout paper like this:

let me know, while I feed Djenx a strawberry.

The other thing I’m working on is my web shop. I have mentioned this a couple of times now. Basically here’s how this will work:

Soon-ish my website will feature a site where you can order prints, ebooks and audio books. I am still working out the details, as in how I have the least possible amount information about you (and thus the least possible amount of responsibility concerning your passwords, financing information, et cetera) while all of it should be easy to use and automated, so that you don’t have to wait for me to get at a computer to receive your digital files. Print obviously will still require shipping, duh, but this should also be hassle-free. I am sure things won’t work perfectly immediately, but I want to push this to finally have a platform that doesn’t require me constantly looking for publishers.

I am not sure how long the preparations will take, but I think going online in June isn’t too much of a stretch.

I’d love your input and feedback on this!