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My little webshop

Wow, that took a while. Have you ever had a moment when you look at something that was really hard to create, and then you think "Shit. This is shit. I'll never get away with this"? I feel a bit like this now. I just created my first web shop, and it is mostly empty space, with very few products for now. This, I promise, will change in the weeks to come. Life has, as I mention quite often, it's weird ways and turns.

But my not feeling satisfied is the good kind, because this is only the start. Like when I started running for the seventh time, and felt like I could vomit my lungs out after a week or two. Or that time when I had convinced myself that sleeping with this one girl I wasn't attracted to actually was the only honest thing to do, because not sleeping with someone just because I wasn't attracted to them felt sexist.

There's always a learning curve, sometimes more gradual, sometimes logarithmic, sometimes loopy; it doesn't matter. I hate that this sounds so very motivational speech-y, but I genuinely feel good about doing this. So, enough excuses: If you feel so inclined, you now have possibilities to support my work, not only through microdonations, but also by purchasing stories that I wrote. This starts today with Threshold, a story I read in Seattle's Hugo House and that hits the printing press today for the wonderful WordLitZine, which means you can get it in print. Aww yeah. Also, you can have me read it to you in the form of my first micro audiobook, which is waiting for your order at

More will follow soon, and of course I'll keep you updated here. Recording is more of a hassle than I had thought, especially in the summer, the construction workers constructing, the windows either letting in cool air plus their noise, or neither, the incompetent piano player not writing down what chords he had played a week ago, so having to improvise anew for a new recording, the crackling, the dog yawning loudly, cheesus. The next piece that will be available will be Candela, which was written in this form during the Wolfram Residency in Seattle.

Also, there will be a special edition of print-books, which is a new, offline version of ebooks, as soon as I get the PDF to display correctly at the printer's computer. Printers, that is, the mechanical devices, not the people operating them, are of the devil. Seriously. It's like Germany forced them to comply with scare tactics, and now they try to just do things they can't ever really achieve. I digress. The short version is: I'd love for you to visit If you're interested, your support would mean a lot to me.