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Why this and why that, webshop edition


As people following my blog are aware, I suffer from overthinking non-important things, and fight against that reflectingly. Now guess what happens when I try to create something that actually matters to me, like a story. Or something that is actually important for my 'career', like this website I created in the last month - not that it would be visible outside of my bitching and posting about it.

So why, I had people (thanks for noticing, by the way<3) ask, didn't I just use a already existing platform– and I do wonder myself, some times.

I like the idea of being in control of the things I do. But at the same time there are certain responsibilities that I simply don't want to have. I don't want to be responsible for your credit card information's security, for example. I don't want you to give me a password. Or anything more than an e-mail address, actually. At the same time, I want to be independent of major labels and publishers. And this is what you get then, a small little website that doesn't work perfectly from day one.

I decided to use PayPal for transactions, as it is the easiest to set up and use. I am aware of their conduct and as soon as there are reliable alternatives, I will switch to them. But a lot of people use this service, and even if they don't, they can still use it with a credit or debit card. That's kind of a necessary staple, considering I want to sell things online.

I want the "products", that is audiobooks and ebooks be as affordable as possible. My whole life I benefited tremendously from having free online access to information and culture. I prefer to work a bit longer in my rent job (that's what I think my day job actually should be called) but keep at least this part of integrity. If any digital product in the shop costs more than a buck (1 €), it's because a lot of work went into creating it, other people were involved and I promised them a cut, or inflation nuked our asses. (Or I sold out, in which case please remind me of this blog post)

Since I don't yet expect for my business to attract to many attention right now, I didn't really look into the whole tax thing stuff, I will have to do this in the following months. For now, making revenue that requires tax awareness is still a bit of a feverish fantasy. Finger's crossed.

Before I finally recorded "Threshold" I also recorded a little piece on the piano – you might remember that I taught myself to play a couple of years ago; I am not that good, but I can hit a chord or two, and it's a lot of fun. My intention was to use this recording as a 20 second jingle for the microaudiobooks. Now that I have the first thing done and up and running, that feels too long for a jingle. So I'll either create something that's shorter, or, and that's an idea I really like, I will simply record something new for every story. It isn't that much work, and I feel it gives it a nice touch. Maybe I can use my brother's real piano instead of my (beloved) P70, the sound quality would surely improve. Still, I want this to be me. I know flaws in recording are annoying, but this is where I am right now. I don't have a studio, I don't even really have a living room. I'm not trying to cash in on shabby punk chic charm, it is simply a reality. I hope this is something that can be appreciated rather than seeming cheap. You tell me, right?

Oh, by the way, on the day of recording I realized that the sound quality of the piano intro just isn't what I want. So I re-recorded it with the Olympus LS-10 I borrowed— turns out, I should have written down the chords a week prior. For the life of me I couldn't figure out what I had done. So I recorded a similar, but different tune that is the one you hear as the intro in "Threshold". I still like the major/minor shift in the original recording, so I uploaded it here for you.