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Seriously? A new blog design, again?

Well, yes. And this time for ethical reasons. Ethical reasons?, I can hear you not asking, Yes, ethical. Because with this new blog, I am one step closer to not having to care about stuff anymore.

My website has for some time been hand coded by me, and thus - even though my technical knowledge is quite limited - I understand what it does why and how. Now this also applies to my blog. There are no more external images hosted someplace else, there are no scripts, trackers, all of this is between you, the reader, and me, the author. And since there are no trackers I don't even know whether you are here or not.

My webhoster does collect anonymous information on who visits my websites, and I can only chose not to look at it for now. I am working on fixing that as well.

By now I am sure you can hear the tinfoil rustling, but this isn't necessary. This isn't about paranoia, at least it isn't for me, it is about ethical conduct. I don't use Apple products because I don't trust them, I am still wary of Android even though I use it, I hate, hate, hate Facebook too much to use it, and I even created my own email address to get rid of Google for those purposes. But for some reason I still trusted Tumblr to host my blog. And I can't really tell you why. Because there actually wasn't really a reason.

That I write the code myself means that some things might not yet fully work. For example I haven't finished getting all posts from the Tumblr blog into this new non-cms. I will, eventually. As of today, all posts from November 2014 until today are available, the older ones can for now still be read at

So this is it! I wrote my own blog! Literally! I'd love some feedback on this. Just email me (office | or message me on Telegram.