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This year I will get old. Sure, I've been aging all my life, but something feels different about it this year. Maybe it is because I have fulfilled my desire of owning a dog, maybe it's because of the economy, I just feel like things have changed. Life is different today than it was even a year ago. So I did the obvious thing, I applied for a three-year training and education. If I should pass the acceptance tests in March, I thus have nine months to kill until I go back to college. (This is super exciting to me, and I will write about the whats and whys in the very near future) Something tells me I should invest those sensibly.

For the first time in quite a long time, and that might add to the feeling of ageness I seem to suffer from, my life settles a bit. Don't worry, there's still a lot that's more than fucked up, and I'm always ready for a surprise or five to pop up and break my spine, but overall I feel that I have this life stuff kinda figured out. It might be because this was the mildest Winter and especially holiday season in history, both meteorologically speaking as personally for me psychologically.

Two days a week I work varying shifts to pay for my living expenses, which has proven to be a good equilibrium between having enough cash to not becoming depressed because of not having enough time for the stuff I care about.

Writing is a daily routine that happens regardless of what else I do, I never didn't have time, I usually just was too lazy or felt too tired.

Kiki needs some attention every day, but she seems fine with the daily walks and dog zone runs, so I guess that works out as well.

But what to do with all the time that I have at my disposal that will be filled with a curriculum starting October 1st? This is where my new program comes in.

I once read a great post by Tynan before I even knew who the guy was about the "Hustler's MBA", a non-program of attaining certain skills he felt were useful for at least the life he was living back then, if not useful in general. While I still agree with him on many of his points, I feel like I'm at a point where certain qualifications might benefit me: for the longest time, I did not believe in this.

Additionally I had the problem of having many scattered fields of interest, all of which are not as deep as to justify spending years at a university to get into, but that I really want to know more about. A perfect case for free on-line Youtube courses!

Roughly the kind of courses I will do can be separated in three categories: Prerequisites, 101's and Addenda.

A problem that I have with many fields is that there are certain prerequisites that I don't fulfill, so that I can never get into any detail beyond the most basic introductory books. I really have no idea about calculus, for example, but I'm very interested in astronomy and physics. So, as a start, I'll have to look into calculus. There's a lovely 60 sessions youtube channel on calculus: that should get me going. Same with statistics: again, not a clue, again, into the curriculum it goes. If I encounter other technical obstacles, I reserve room to add them here.

And then there are the things that I am interested in. Psychology, economics and educational sciences, for one. I downloaded 101's for each and included them as well.

And, for good measure, I added (Addenda-ed!) a field that I remotely care about but wouldn't even know where to start reading: Chinese art history. I find art history enthralling, but always ever looked at European and post-colonial art history. I don't know jack about Chinese art. Yet.

So that's what I wanna look into the next semester. What do you wanna learn?

Photo is Kiki testing the waters on our recent vacation in Styria.