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Spine decline

How the refugee crisis becomes a crisis of humanity.

It was fun for a time.

Everyone had the feeling of helping along. For a month or so, a big part of the population seemed to have adopted the "lead, follow, or get out of the way" slogan. So many hands tried to help, against all government efforts to sit this one out. Later the government even had the balls to claim that they themselves had run out of resources, by which they probably meant excuses not to act. But things would change. Because the flow didn't ebb. More and more fled. More and more arrived. More and more tried to get to safety. And those who didn't lift a finger, didn't even donate, those who just watched and complained, began to win. They still had all their resources, all their energy, when suddenly the German chancellor betrayed them all by proclaiming that "We will manage!". This was more than a "Yes we can!" moment. This was the person nobody expected to have any decency left talking the talk. Not that it helped. Not that they acted. But at least they didn't say "No, you can't", as her colleagues had for months. As she herself had only months before proclaimed, telling a crying kid that she won't be able to stay here, because life's cruel, bitch. Get used to it, but first get lost.

Then things went morbid. With so many people no longer drowning in the Mediterranean, fingers had to be pointed. Fences had to be built. So that the racists could feel safe. So that the people who are greatful for having to take off their shoes and having their dicks and boobs scanned at airports feel safe from harm.

The motivated waited for help, and when it didn't come, they eventually lost their motivation. They had held out as long as they could. Only the racists still cared about the refugees. But not in any way that helped.

But then, finally, with New Year's Eve, a new chapter could start. Finally some Jews had poisoned a well. In a city in Germany, and soon in many cities throughout Europe, something had somehow happened and something something refugees were to blame. They had attacked in groups, it was asserted against evidence, and they had sexually assaulted the most vulnerable and the least among us: our women. They did dun it now.

Centuries of harassment, sexual assault, rape, violence, robbery, they all fade in comparison of the crimes that were committed that fateful night. Not that there was any proof. Not that any statistic wouldn't have shown that every Oktoberfest is a less safe place to be. The media finally had their excuse to support, full on, the racists of all nations.

And finally the chancellor of Austria had his excuse to not follow his German peer's example. After half a year of being a waste in this specific matter, and years of being a burden for his souvereign, he announced that not every person who needed help could be helped. Well, can't you just stop being prosecuted? Have you ever tried to not have you house bombed away? Listen, we all got problems.

Oh how it all sparkled so bright, fresh and clean in all this white. Now they could all point fingers. Austria, fifteenth-richest country in the world, measured in GDP per capita, had done it's part. Well, not the people who had the money. And not the people who had had enough. But those who had told them that it just isn't possible had finally won. See? I told you it couldn't work.

For shame.