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Voting Without Your Wallet

Adblock as a form of online protest:
user data is a bubble, and you're at the exploding end of it

Sometimes my convictions get the best of me. There's stuff I'm so convinced is right or wrong, I find it hard to even listen to arguments about it. I'm done, for example, with debates about homosexuality being a sin. If you bring that up, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to at least feel an all but irresistable urge to no longer talk to you at all. On a fundamental level, I extrapolate, we disagree, making all further communication if not impossible then as tedious as makes no difference.

I regard this as a flaw of mine, that I should work at. Few things obstruct a cause as badly as ceasing communications, because the end of information flow only encourages the growth of the bubbles through which our mammalian brains view the world, allowing an us-versus-them attitude in all respects of our daily life. Ideally we learn to cope with ideas that are different than ours, sometimes we simply have to accept that Earth is big enough for both our opinions. But, so I'd argue, this should be a last resort, because this stance allows for the narrowing of the bubbles that constitute our view of our world and thus alienates us from another.

This doesn't mean that you can or should try and convince everybody of your opinions. Actually, in almost all cases, please don't: rather listen to what there is to say. And then: sometimes you do, and that is what reinforces your bubble all over. How to deal with that?

What helps is to ground and compose yourself and realize that there is no given truth. In science humanity struggles towards a better understanding of all things, but our ethics can only be influenced by these findings. An example by Lawrence Krauss that I love concerns homosexuality: claiming that it were, as they say, unnatural, is ignoring the fact that it occurs in nature outside the confines of humanity. Many sheep, as he exemplary relates and depending on the composition of the audience harvests either incredulous laughter or roaring applause, take long term homosexual partners. The world disproves homophobia as fallacy, as long as you listen.

Okay, so we should always listen to nature — in a strictly non naturalist, materialist way, as I'd argue. But the necessity of interpretation can be extended to a need to accept the exchange of ideas as well. Which in itself necessitates not only freedom of speech, but to choose exchange. So often though we are so convinced — maybe even rightly so — of our own ideas, that having anyone challenging them is seen as offense: and every person has the right to evade the discomfort this brings. But no one should have the right or the power to force the end of exchange on any other being.

If you can't stomach an argument, I would argue, you should be allowed to excuse yourself. But the consequences would be yours to bear.

Disregarding none of that, here's why I still think that advertisements should be banned, and your right to stop them from trying to communicate their filth to you should be sacrosanct:

They feed you ideas that companies want you to have about the world

far from enriching your culture and your view on things, they push you into a sexist, racist, anti-human, run-after-the-buck dog-eat-dog fascist distopia by going after whatever makes you feel like your world would only be complete with a product that they sell, a product that they know you don't need, which is why they need ads to convince you of buying their bullshit lies

The companies producing them know that they are all bullshit

Imagine a movie trailer: The kind that you have to endure when you watch trailers on Apple: all of them are streamlined anti-climactic bullshit short movies that don't care about the movie they are supposed to advertise. They include spoilers, if need be, they change the hue and contrast, if necessary, they lie and push to sell some bad movie you don't wanna see to squeeze out ten bucks plus some popcorn money out of you. So much so that they even do this when the movie actually isn't shit. It's the same with every other product. You need this 4-blade single use razor head for what exactly? You can't even commit suicide with that shitty thing. Fuck this. They know they have to bullshit you to sell you stuff you don't need, and that makes them untrustworthy even on the rare occasions that their product actually improves anything, which probably it doesn't.

They promote greed and legal hatred in form of lawsuit wars

The shallow swamps of clickbait bullshit advertisement fake bubble internet fraudulent traps are filled with eager competitive scumbag phony companies who, just like traditional criminals, use the money they steal through bubble-creation to also do good things, of course. Even the Mafia financed some schools I'm sure. So if a company should provide great services but bases or based their income on shady advertisements, we should all be very wary. Especially because it's competitors don't have the luxury of making money in reputable ways yet. Which brings us to huge legal fights that destroy how the internet works, how we can view content that we actually want to view, just because some stupid CEO thinks that the worthless non-product they got away with in the past should still generate the same money for his cocaine habit as it did in the early 2000's. So they need to get a piece of the soap bubble that they think is a cake. But instead of cutting it, exposing the fraud for what it always was, they have themself deluded to the point that they actually sue the original fraudster for a piece of the pie that is covered in so much imaginary cum by non-imaginary research groups for so long that they actually look forward to the tasty mud cake below all this icing.

So while advertisers have you believe that they have a right to free speech, they exploit this red herring by implying that COMPANIES or PRODUCTS have any right at all. They do only to the extent of being beneficiary to life. To push products that are in any way harmful is to abuse freedom of expression, stealing the privilege to fence it to corporate scams. Fuck them.

To end all of this, we need to opt out. Opt out of advertisements, of tracking cookies, of all that bullshit that now actually has jobs depending on it, because we let them get away with their lies for far too long.

There is money to be made in advertisement, sure. Just as there is money in crystal meth and in one-armed bandits. If you're fine with that kind of SEO, go ahead.

They tell you that they need the advertisment, the tracking cookies, the hidden surveillance because it finances their content. They call ad blocking immoral because they insist that there was no other way of doing things. Well, they created that bubble themselves. I don't feel obliged to take part in it. On the contrary, I feel obliged to resist that crap. You want my attention only for my money, go ahead. I probably will survive without your content. Just as you will survive without my part from your fake money from your phoney ad scheme.

Now I'm sure you wonder how else to finance your product. Especially since no-one seems to be willing to pay for your product. Don't worry. I'll write about that in my next post. Right after these messages from our spon– yeah right.