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~ short update ~

I know. I know. Two posts per week, I said.

Well at least the other resolutions are working out somewhat. I do have excuses, as always. Both adjacent apartments are being renovated right now, giving me 7am-5pm daily demolition and construction noise in surround sound. Additionally, Kiki sheds as if to make up for the lack of snow this winter, so everything in my home is either covered in dust, or hair, or both. On weekdays I get up at 5 am so that I can get some writing done before the workers arrive, that is actually working pretty well, but means that I basically fall asleep by 9 pm, which doesn't really go well with having a social life. All that hits me just when my mid life crisis, that feels like it started when I turned 26, reached it's height with my 30th birthday.

Apart from that, things are fine. To make up for the lack of content, here have a photo of Kiki trying camouflage. Now back to writing and learning ukulele.

More soon.