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Several short thoughts


So, in ten days Austria has to vote the new president. In the runoff there's a young, eloquent and likable wannabe-fascist, and an old, used up dirty bobo. We're lucky that the president doesn't have too much to say in politics.

Thing is, as hard as this is to accept for people who read more than one book: this is happening. This is what is going to be next. As with Trump in the US, the nazis in Hungary, the neonazis in Poland, et cetera. People want this idiocy. They are not confused. They are convinced, they believe that this is the best choice for their future. As in the US, it's depressing enough that Hillary would be the "sensible" choice. You know something went wrong when you hit that point. It's similar in Austria. Our sensible choice of international representation for the next five years makes you wanna go brush your teeth and wash your hands. And is horrible in debates. I am all for content over presentation, but this is a position of representation.

To hate this development is fine. Maybe it is even an obligation. But it's too late to do something about it now. We as a nation should rather, as long as there's still some infrastructure left, take as much money as we can carry and stuff it into education and schools and teachers and colleges and universities. Then, in fifteen years or so, maybe the next generation will be less demented.


There is a "fine" brothel in the first district, you might have encountered it when arriving at VIE and seeing a huge advertisement.

They're so big, they have their own shuttle bus. Today I wondered: who in the world would use this kind of shuttle bus service? Is it filled with middle aged guys just waiting to jerk off (or not to have to?)

I am sometimes wondering how one of these establishments would look like from inside, I never had the opportunity and I doubt I could afford it anyways. But this bus thing creeps me out.