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Heck did 2016 suck. I mean, on a personal level. There was not a lot of nice things that happened. But let's focus on the positives. It seems that 2017 is going to need us focusing on positive things.

I applied at the FH Campus and was accepted, and by now I am in my second semester to become a social worker. That is hecking awesome news to me, as it means I will eventually no longer have to serve tables to support my native way of life.

J and Django moved in to my place, which is now our place. Kiki approved. We redid the walls and ceiling. Heckin' A!

For now, I am no longer serving tables! That switch was made more cumbersome than necessary by my former employer. I see my options to either go into detail on what happened and omitting my employer's name or doing the opposite, but given that of the few people reading this, most know my former place of work, I won't go into any more detail. For the record: it was more cumbersome than necessary, and I feel that this was not only because of my actions.

What I learned is to listen to myself when I see red flags flying high. And to DOCUMENT things. Seriously. Keep a record of everything work-related. And don't sign documents if your employer threatens to fire you. Especially then.

The good news is that 2017 held a new job offer in store, which is in the broader field of my current education. Even though it is a temporary position limited until the end of April, it gives me a lot of new energy and confidence.

As you might have guessed, all of this can be seen by my lack of writing output. Life comes fast. At times, this is worrying. But things will be better. There will be time for this as well. The good news is that I am in a better position now than I was in the last couple of years. Productivity will follow.

I kicked all social media last year, except for Instagerm and Twitter. I really dislike the recent redesign of Instagram. So I don't use it anymore. Since it is part of facebook anyways, that doesn't really hurt me too much. I miss the interaction though. But ever since they hide and shuffle your posts I feel you can't get the kind of interaction I liked anymore anyways.

And Twitter, jeez. I feel like I tried so hard to use this service. Maybe I'm just late for the party. But I don't get anything out of it. It's like throwing pebbles in a well. You hear that ptuit! and that's it. Doesn't give me anything.

Apart from that, I really don't miss Facebook at all. Occasionally friends tell me about stuff I missed on Facebook, but I have never not gotten any information that would have been vital. Actually, friends would now tell me of stuff that might be of interest to me that they saw on Facebook. Without me asking. That's very nice and I didn't expect that at all.

With that all said, 2017 started with the wounds of the last year still wide open, but with the promise of healing processes. Pain fades. Wounds heal. Life goes on.