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School System

If you think about it, our education system is freaking insane.

We have our children judged by criteria of understanding certain subject matters, and if they fail to pass stressful tests in time they have to repeat until we as a society no longer give a fuck (because they are old enough) or they finally "get it".

In Austria, where you have school classes based roughly on your age, where we insist that the social element is what makes it so important to participate in public schools, you are even threatened to be evicted of this social circle by having to repeat not only one subject class, but the whole year of schooling, in the class younger than you. Where, if you are not the elder, you are the stupid fuck who has to do it again.

You receive grades from 1 ("very good"=best) to 5 ("not sufficient"=worst) that judge not your prowess in a specific field, but also your intelligence as a person. You excell in mathematics and physics but suck in arts and latin? Fuck off to the next age group. Where, of course, your qualifications matter fuck all, and you have to relearn the stuff you already know about mathematics and physics again. I'm sure that will motivate the living daylight out of you, idiot.

Also, your grades decide whether you are smart enough for a "Gymnasium", or have to go to a "Mittelschule", because we wouldn't want our smart kids tainted by your lazy ass failure.

The existential threats don't end there, mind you. You won't get a stipend, you won't receive social students security (Studienbeihilfe) and you will eventually be kicked out of universities and Fachhochschulen if you just are "not sufficient". Oh, and of course you need to pay back the social security. Loser.

But woe you should you have the audacity to cheat on the tests that will decide a lot of your fate!

Seriously. This system is batshit crazy.