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Political action: Surveillance and Social Work

There is an Austrian initiative to prevent the new laws against the privacy of citizens, and I would like to direct your attention to this issue.

This is a subject I feel very strongly about, especially since I am studying to become a social worker – suddenly it is not only my privacy that is threatened, but also the privacy of my clients. It is a disgrace for a society to literally prey upon its citizens. A government that bases its policy in mistrust of its subjects should be overthrown. How can you trust someone that systematically mistrusts you?

So, if you have the time, and you don't need much of it, and you are interested in the protection of privacy in Austria, why not spend the time you're using your smartphone on the loo clicking through this site:


A lot of the links are in German today, given the subject and the current need to react. There's a lot of ressources in English as well.